Coding for Kids: Educational Toys for Future Programmers

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Introducing coding to kids through educational toys can be a fun and interactive way to foster an early interest in programming. Here are some educational toys and tools designed to teach coding concepts to kids:

  1. Osmo – Coding Awbie:
    • Osmo is an interactive educational gaming system. Coding Awbie is a game where kids use physical blocks to control a character on the screen. It’s a hands-on way to introduce coding logic to young children.
  2. Robot Turtles:
    • Robot Turtles is a board game designed to educational kids toys  teach programming fundamentals. Kids use cards to give commands to their turtle and navigate through a maze. It’s a simple and effective way to introduce the concept of programming without using a computer.
  3. Sphero SPRK+:
    • Sphero is a programmable robotic ball that kids can control using a smartphone or tablet. The SPRK+ edition is designed for education and teaches kids to program by drawing paths for the robot to follow, using a block-based programming interface.
  4. LEGO Boost:
    • LEGO Boost combines the fun of building with LEGO bricks and the excitement of programming. Kids can build and code various models, such as a robot, guitar, or a cat, using the LEGO Boost app.
  5. Cubetto:
    • Cubetto is a wooden robot that teaches programming basics to children aged 3 and up. Kids place coding blocks on a control board to program Cubetto to move and perform tasks. It’s a screen-free way to introduce programming concepts.
  6. Kano Computer Kit:
    • The Kano Computer Kit allows kids to build their own computer and learn to code through games and projects. The kit includes step-by-step instructions and a coding interface designed for beginners.
  7. ScratchJr:
    • ScratchJr is a visual programming language designed for young children (ages 5-7). While not a physical toy, it’s a great way for kids to start learning coding concepts through a tablet app where they can create their own interactive stories and games.
  8. Ozobot Bit:
    • Ozobot is a small programmable robot that follows color-coded paths. Kids can draw paths and use different color combinations to give Ozobot commands. It’s a great introduction to coding and robotics.
  9. Bitsbox:
    • Bitsbox is a subscription-based service that delivers coding projects to kids each month. Kids can use the provided materials to code their own apps and games, helping them learn coding concepts in a practical way.
  10. Piper Computer Kit:
    • The Piper Computer Kit is a DIY computer kit that kids can build themselves. It includes a Raspberry Pi and teaches coding through Minecraft. Kids can learn programming while playing and exploring in the Minecraft world they’ve created.

These educational toys are designed to make learning to code a playful and engaging experience for kids, helping them develop problem-solving skills and a foundation in programming concepts.