Ocean Shipping to Venezuela? Learn Important Rules About Sea Shipping to South America and World

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Long and narrow in size, Chile boarders the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. The capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile, is also the country’s largest city. The population is estimated to be around 17 million. Chile is home to number of different shipping ports including the Port of Talcahuano, the Port of Coquimbo, the Port of Arica and the Port of Antofagasta.

If you are shipping cargo to Chile, it is helpful 중국배대지 to note that many goods can be imported to Chile with the exception of the following:


  • Live plants
  • Fresh meals
  • Seeds
  • Guns (unless you have a special license prior to shipping to Chile)
  • Drugs
  • Pornographic materials

Anybody is allowed to import household goods without quantity or value limitations to Chile. In addition, you are allowed to split your personal items and household goods into one or more shipments or to ship from more than one origin.

Regardless of what personal items and household goods you are shipping to Chile, you may be required to pay customs duties and related fees.

Some individuals may be exempt from such fees including diplomats, administrative employees working for diplomats, and certain individuals working for international organizations. In addition, if you are a citizen of Chile returning to the country after having served on a diplomatic mission, you may also be exempt from customs duties, fees and taxes.

You may also apply for total duty exemption if you are shipping items that were previously exported from Chile.

If you are allowed to ship wine, liquor and other spirits to Chile with your household goods provided that you are shipping a normal quality of these items for personal use and not for commercial resale.

Shipments to Chile may be cleared before arrival if all of your documentation and paperwork is correctly processed in advanced.

Before shipping cargo to Chile, make sure you have your original passport in order. There is additional paperwork if you are shipping a car or motorcycle to Chile. You will need an original commercial invoice for your vehicle or the vehicle title.

Car Shipping to Chile

Interested in or shipping a vehicle to Chile? You are allowed to import a new car to Chile as long as you are prepared to pay the required duty fees and taxes. You may be exempt from these fees if you are a foreign diplomat, administrative employee of a diplomatic representative or a member of certain international organizations. An experienced cargo shipping company can guide you more specifically about rules, regulations and exemptions.

You are not allowed to import used vehicles to Chile.

Any vehicle that you ship to Chile will be required to fulfill specific emission control regulations. You should plan to contact your local consulate with information about the vehicle’s brand, model, engine details, year, value and country of origin prior to car shipping to Chile.

You are allowed to ship motorcycles, jet skis and small boats to Chile and you can send these together with other household goods. Please note that you will be responsible for certain duty fees and taxes on these items.